Educational Certification Exam for Oncoplastic Surgery

Fee: $50.00 (Exam and printed certificate mailed)

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate in the mail that verifies the total number of educational CME you have completed specifically in Oncoplastic Surgery (OPS). This program is the first in the US to offer certification in OPS and we are very excited about it.


Please keep in mind that certification does not imply or signify a level of surgical skill or competence. While it may seem obvious, we caution that you do not proceed with any procedures in which you are not skilled and fully competent to complete. Similarly, you should be able to manage and take care of these patients as well as any complication that might arise.


Again, the certificate does not indicate your level of surgical skills in Oncoplastic Surgery. We hope to add to this program in the future so that we will be able to proctor you and verify skill levels as well.

Please feel free to contact Tiffany with any questions you may have at: (479) 236-9570 / tiffsos07@gmail.com